SR CPro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

 SR Contractor Pro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

The SR CPro 10X Risk Profile provides an “indepth assessment” of ten (10) professional risk categories for contractors. This is completed through a questionnaire and interviews with key members of the firm, and the review of operational documents and processes.

  • Experience & Staffing
  • Contracts
  • Project Team Selection
  • Project and Client Selection
  • Project Communication and Documentation
  • Training
  • Contractor Professional Services
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Project Close Out
  • Risk Management Culture

There are 12 radio button questions for each category and will take approximately 45 - 50 minutes to complete. NOTE: The individual completing the questionnaire should be a senior representative of the firm that is very knowledgeable of the firm, background, practice management efforts and risk management. Provide a response that most closely aligns with knowledge on the topic or practices of your firm.

Upon Completion

You will receive

  1. A customized SR Risk Profile Tool ® Report specific for your firm including recommendations as needed to help mitigate future risk and liability exposures. You will also receive
  2. A personalized SR Risk Management Action Plan® and
  3. A SR Risk Profile Certificate of Completion®. These documents outline a strategy and are records your firm has completed the SR Risk Profile® process. This information should be shared with your insurance agent or broker so it can be submitted with your professional liability (PL) insurance renewal.

A forty five (45) minute conference call to review your SR Risk Profile Tool ® Report with SmartRisk is available to you. You must schedule this call within two (2) weeks once you have received your report. Please contact SmartRisk to schedule this call:

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