SR Pro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

SR Pro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

The SR Pro 10X provides an “indepth assessment” of ten (10) “essential” risk categories including in-house interviews with key members of the firm and reviewing practices, procedures, contracts and operational documents.

The SR Pro10X process is very helpful for larger, and more challenging firms where additional verification and guidance is provided. (significant changesclaim history, larger firms, high risk disciplines, project types, considering selling or purchasing,  etc.)


  1. Experience & Staffing
  2. Contracts
  3. Project Team Selection
  4. Project and Client Selection
  5. Project Communication and Documentation
  6. Training
  7. Design Documents and Construction Phase Services
  8. Billing and Invoicing
  9. Project Close Out
  10. Risk Management Culture

There are 12 radio button questions for each category and will take approximately 60 - 75 minutes to complete. NOTE: The individual completing the questionnaire should be a senior representative of the firm that is very knowledgeable of the firm, background, practice management efforts and risk management. Provide a response that most closely aligns with knowledge on the topic or practices of your firm. The in-house interview is conducted in the firm’s office after the completion of the questionnaire and takes approximately 4 hours.

Upon Completion

You will receive 1) a customized SR Risk Profile Tool ® Reportspecific for your firm including recommendations as needed to help mitigate future risk and liability exposures. You will also receive 2) a personalized SR Risk Management Action Plan® and 3) a SR Risk Profile Certificate of Completion®. These documents outline a strategy and are records your firm has completed the SR Risk Profile® process. This information should be shared with your insurance agent or broker so it can be submitted with your professional liability (PL) insurance renewal.

A sixty (60) minute conference call to review your SR Risk Profile Tool ® Report with SmartRisk is available to you. You must schedule this call within two (2) weeks once you have received your report. Please contact SmartRisk to schedule this call: [email protected]

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