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  • ACCO Engineering Systems

  • Alpine Site Services

  • Asia Pacific Enterprise Risk Management Academy

  • Aspen UK

  • BKSK Architects

  • Barone Engineering

  • Cavignac & Associates

  • Cambridge Construction Management

  • CLB Partners

  • Cline Design

  • Dewhurst McFarlane & Partners

  • E.A. Bonelli & Associates

  • Eppstein Uhen Architects

  • FreemanWhite Architects


  • GACE Engineers

  • Geotech Solutions

  • Group 70 International

  • Hogenson Construction

  • InSynergy Engineering

  • IVI Companies

  • JBA Consulting, Inc.

  • KAI Hawaii

  • Kava Massih Architects

  • Killefer Flammang Architects

  • KLH Engineers

  • KTU&A

  • Johnson, Laschober & Associates (JLA)

  • LACO Associates

  • Maser Consultants

  • MBA


  • Minno Wasko Architects

  • Mohave Engineering

  • Ocean Costal Consultants

  • O’Donnell & Naccarato

  • RTKL

  • Rockefeller Partners

  • RJR Surveys, Inc

  • Society for Design Administration

  • Tucker Sadler Architects

  • Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates

  • Spectrum Engineers

  • Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects

  • Starling Madison Loftquist, Inc

  • Transtech

  • Trucker Sadler Architects

  • United International, Inc.

  • VanOppen & Co.2, Inc

  • W. K. Dickson Engineering

A Few Testimonials


“We hired SmartRisk to help us identify risks and implement best practice procedures to mitigate our liability exposures. Tim performed a risk assessment, developed a risk management manual to guide us in strategies and practices on higher risk project types such as condominiums. He counsels our project managers and helps evaluate contract provisions. Tim advises KFA on insurance coverage and meets annually with our E&O insurance carrier describing program efforts. SmartRisk involvement has resulted in significant reduction in risk and insurance premium savings. Tim is an advocate for our firm and industry; I heartily recommend his services to other A&E firms.”
Wade Killefer, FAIA, Principal, Killiefer Flammang Architects, (KFA)

“As an insurance agent, SmartRisk provides a valuable service to my A/E clients. The independent, tailored analysis for each firm identifying solid practices as well as areas of increased risk. Recommendations indicated to improve risk management efforts moving forward. My Clients have found SmartRisk services to be very helpful and beneficial. A/E clients have obtained favorable insurance rates based on the results of the risk assessment report. I highly recommend SmartRisk services for firms interested in identifying and improving their risk management practices.”
Greg Kumm, President, Prosurance/Redeker Group, Ltd.

“SmartRisk provides a valuable service from an underwriter’s perspective and for our A/E insured’s. They provide an independent, third part risk assessment, identifying strengths but more importantly, areas of concern and liability for a firm. Recommendations identified to minimize future risk and liability exposures, making them a better risk from an insurance carrier perspective. I would recommend SmartRisk services to firms interested in identify and mitigating their risks and liability exposures.”
Dana Brown, Senior A&E Underwriter, Beazley Insurance Company

“I found SmartRisk to be extremely beneficial and helpful, enjoyed the interaction and found the process to be educational. It helped identify how we measure up to other firms in the industry. As a company, Maser is always looking for methods for continuous improvement. The risk assessment process helped identify areas to improve upon, and in return, assist in managing and mitigating our risk and improve our performance.”
Richard Maser, President, Maser Consulting

“As an insurance agent, I found the SmartRisk SR Risk Assessment process to be very helpful for my client and appreciated the process. It drilled down into each risk category providing helpful data and methods moving forward assisting to mitigating risk. Firm’s that embrace the assessment process will gain significant value.”
Jeff Cavignac, President, Cavignac & Associates Insurance

“As an insurance agent, SmartRisk services are very helpful providing the independent third-party analysis of my clients, confirming solid practices with recommendations for mitigating risk. SmartRisk provides insurance agents another resource assisting our clients in mitigating risk and obtaining favorable insurance rates.”
Dave Shipley, President, Shipley & Associates Insurance

“Our firm has gone through significant growth and changes in recent years. SmartRisk provided valuable insights into specific areas of risk and liability exposures for our firm and identified risk management strategies and practices we should consider moving forward to help manage our risk. SmartRisk assessment process was very good and I would recommend it to other A/E firms.”
Jim Begley, Director of Operations, JBA Consulting Engineers

“Initially, I was apprehensive about going through a risk assessment process. However, after meeting Tim and going through the assessment, it opened my eyes to our strengths and what we could do to further mitigate risk. The process was very helpful, obtaining an outside, third party perspective of our risk management efforts. I am surprised more insurance carriers do not use SmartRisk for evaluating risk and exposures, taking the time to understand a firm more fully. I am very impressed with SmartRisk and my insurance carrier. I appreciate their interest in our firm.”
Gregory Romero, President, Cambridge Construction Management

“An SR Risk Assessment is a valuable tool. It identifies risk management strengths and, more importantly, areas of potential concern with recommendations for minimizing liability exposures. Beazley supports these efforts by offering a peer review reimbursement on a 50/50 co-share basis in certain circumstances.”
James Schwartz, Esq., Beazley Insurance Company

“As a firm, we are very close to these issues. It is difficult for us to see, evaluate and identify what we should be focusing on to manage risk. Having an outside resource, SmartRisk, evaluate our firm, identify our strengths as well as areas to focus on to mitigate risk was very helpful and beneficial. Recommended for other A/E firms.”
Leonard Osborn, President, LACO Associates

“SmartRisk has been a valuable resource for our firm. Tim as worked as our in-house risk manager, performing a risk analysis, identifying practices and techniques assisting to mitigate our exposures. On higher risk projects such as condominiums, Tim developed and implemented best practices assisting to mitigate risk. He also has been a great resource providing reviews and oversight for insurance coverage’s, specifically project specific and OCIP policies coverage’s, making recommendations in our clients and firm’s favor. I highly recommend other A/E firms’ use SmartRisk.”
Rocky Rockefeller, AIA, Principal, Rockefeller Partner Architects (RPA)

“SmartRisk’s Risk Assessment process and report to be very helpful and beneficial and rated it excellent. It brought our firm together as a group, identifying items of risk and where we should focus our attention. I would recommend a SR Risk Assessment to other A/E firms interested in identifying and mitigating their exposures.”
Nick Cinalli, President & CEO, O'Donnell & Naccarato

“Our firm found SmartRisk services to be very helpful and beneficial. SmartRisk used an independent set of eyes evaluating our firm and identified tailored recommendations for our firm improving risk management efforts. I would recommend an SR Risk Assessment to other A/E firms interested in mitigating their risk and liability exposures.”
Bob Mellott, CFO, COO, Tucker Sadler Architects

“I rated SmartRisk services and the experience excellent. At first, I was very apprehensive. However, the independent, outside perspective evaluating our firm with recommendations moving forward was very helpful and beneficial. I would recommend an SmartRisk to other A/E firms.”
Don Rondema, President, Geotech Solutions

“Our firm focuses on continuous learning and improvement. SmartRisk identified practices we should improve upon to assist managing and mitigating risk and liability exposures. I rate the SmartRisk service excellent and would recommend it to other A/E firms.”
Marco DiGino, President, E.A. Bonelli & Associates, Inc.

“SmartRisk assessment process touched on many important issues and practices for the firm, drilling down and getting to the heart of their operations. The report went into much more detail than I expected. It was very helpful in identifying the firm’s current status as well as identifying methods to assist risk management efforts moving forward”
Lynn Campbell, ARM, Assurance, Ltd.

“The SmartRisk SR Risk Profile process includes questions that are thorough and thought provoking. The completed report provides concise and practical recommendations for a firm to improve its capabilities in important risk and practice management areas. A Risk Management Action Plan is provided outlining concerns identified in the Report. This document is useful for developing a plan to improve risk and practice management deficiencies. I recommend the SR Risk Profile Tool for design firms to supplement their efforts in risk management, quality management and practice improvement.”
Andrew D. Mendelson, FAIA, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Management Officer, Berkley Design Professional Underwriters