SR Risk Profile®

Analysis is the first step in developing solutions.

Shake on itSR Risk Profile® Testimonials

“SR Risk Profile identified best practices to help mitigate liability exposures specifically on higher risk project types such as condominiums. SmartRisk involvement has resulted in significant reduction in our firms risk and insurance premium savings.”
—Wade Killefer, FAIA, Principal, Killiefer Flammang Architects, (KFA)

“The process opened our eyes to our strengths, and what we could do to further mitigate risk. The process was very helpful, obtaining an outside, third party perspective of our risk management efforts.”

 Gregory Romero, President, Cambridge Construction Management

“An SR Risk Assessment is a valuable tool. It identifies risk management strengths and, more importantly, areas of potential concern with recommendations for minimizing liability exposures. Beazley supports these efforts by offering a peer review reimbursement on a 50/50 co-share basis in certain circumstances.”

—James Schwartz, Esq., Beazley Insurance Company

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SR Risk Profile®

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computer-based risk analysis process. Described as similar to creating a personality profile – based on individual responses, a firm specific SR Risk Profile Report is developed with SR Risk-Ratings and recommendations. You also obtain an SR Risk Management Action Plan and a SR Risk Profile Certificate of Completion for your records.

Eight (8) SR Risk Profiles are available for assessing risk and professional liability exposures for design, environmental and construction professionals.

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Firms with effective risk management programs are more profitability, have fewer claims, obtain higher client satisfaction ratings, improved performance, and lower insurance costs.

Professional liability (PL) insurance carriers recognize the importance and have provided premium credits, and cost sharing opportunities for completing an SR Risk Profile.

Architect, Engineer, Environmental Professionals

Self Assessments:

SR Pro2 Risk Profile®

SR Pro5 Risk Profile®

SR Pro10 Risk Profile®

Interviews Included:

SR Pro10X Risk Profile®

Contractor Professionals

Self Assessments:

SR CPro2 Risk Profile®

SR CPro5 Risk Profile®

SR CPro10 Risk Profile®

Interviews Included:

SR CPro10X Risk Profile®