SR Pro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

SR Pro 2 Risk Profile® Tool

The SR Pro 2 Risk Profile provides an “analysis” of two (2) “key” risk categories. This risk profile is a good entry point for important risk categories.

SR Pro 5 Risk Profile® Tool

The SR Pro 5 Risk Profile provides an “indication” of risk in five (5) “select” risk categories. This risk profile is a good initial measurement of possible risk.

SR Pro 10 Risk Profile® Tool

The SR Pro 10 Risk Profile provides an “analysis” of ten (10) “key” risk categories. This risk profile is a good inquiry of important risk categories.

Guidance Documents & Reports

Guidance documents, reports and industry surveys that provides you valuable information providing assistance and insights for make more informed decisions impacting your firm.

SR Pro 10X Risk Profile® Tool

The SR Pro 10X is a risk assessment of ten (10) risk categories that includes a computer-based risk questionnaire and interviews with key members of the organization.

The SR Pro10X process is a more in-depth analysis and helpful for all firms. However the process is especially helpful for higher risk, and/or firms working on more challenging projects, (i.e., significant changes, claim history, larger firms, high risk disciplines, high risk project types, considering selling or purchasing firm, etc.).


  1. Experience & Staffing
  2. Contracts
  3. Project Team Selection
  4. Project and Client Selection
  5. Project Communication and Documentation
  6. Training
  7. Instruments of Service
  8. Billing and Invoicing
  9. Project Close Out
  10. Risk Management Culture

Described as similar to creating a personality profile, the SR risk Profile is developed based on the firms responses to a risk questionnaire and interviews with key members of the organization. There are 12 radio button questions for each category and will take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete. NOTE: The individual completing the questionnaire should be a senior representative of the firm that is very knowledgeable of the firm, background, practice management efforts, claims, lessons learned and risk management. If more than one representative is needed, recommend completing in a conference meeting/call setting. Provide a response that most closely aligns with knowledge on the topic or practices of your firm. Once the questionnaire is completed, interviews will be scheduled with the firm. .

Upon Completion

You will receive:

  1. A customized SR Risk Profile Tool ® Report specific for your firm including recommendations as needed to help mitigate future risk and liability exposures.
  2. A personalized SR Risk Management Action Plan®
  3. A SR Risk Profile Certificate of Completion®. These documents outline a strategy and are records your firm has completed the SR Risk Profile® process. This information should be shared with your insurance agent or broker so it can be submitted with your professional liability (PL) insurance renewal.
  4. A conference call to review your firms SR Risk Profile is included, and recommended for your firm. During the conference call the firms SR Risk Profile Tool ® Report will be reviewed with SmartRisk and is approximately 60 minutes in length. While memories are fresh, this call should be scheduled within two (2) weeks once you have received your report. Please contact SmartRisk to schedule this call: [email protected]

If you have already created a risk profile user or have been given an access code, you can click here to access your assessment.

Otherwise, if you would like information on how to gain access to the Smart Risk Assessment Profile, please contact us and we will help you get started!